CareHomeDecor Home Decor Ideas Sun, 02 Jul 2017 11:52:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Design your home with honeycomb blinds Sat, 01 Jul 2017 19:32:02 +0000 Everyone want to decorate their home in a beautiful manner. For this, we do many things and it is applicable for blinds as well. Basically, blinds are used for covering windows so that you can block, dust, sunlight passing through it. Also, it provides privacy to you from outside. Generally, there are different kind of blinds available in a market, among which honeycomb blinds are high in demand. Honeycomb blinds also commonly known as the cellular blind are highly in demand due to its great features. It provides great privacy to you and apart from its wide open blinds traps the sunlight and winds that create a great insulation.

For privacy concern honeycomb is highly appreciated. You get great security until you select the sheer fabric. Also, if you will avail the bottom up OR Top down features, you can enjoy it in a great manner. It also controls light from outside, the gap between two blades does not allow to enter the huge amount of light and at the same time, minimal passage gives sufficient light to your room.

Honeycomb blinds are kids friendly because it doesn’t have chords in it that can hurt them. Also, because of it chordless features, kids and pets cannot lift on it and its light weight features give great security. There is no fear of any harm while it’s break or falling. There are different colors and qualities available in a honeycomb blind. So you can discover its features as per your need and get it.

Its installation and use are easy and a handful so you need not worry about it. Also, it can be cleaned smoothly so you don’t need to worry about dusting. Considering all these features, you must not worried about the blinds and go ahead to buy it. Just take care about the windows size and shape while going for these blinds to get the perfect fit.

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Patio dining sets – Great way to add the new look to your patio Sat, 01 Jul 2017 11:19:02 +0000 Patio dining sets are so popular in the patio furniture and they are available various combinations with designs and style but they add luxuries class to your patio area. There are so many people find that the patio area is the better place to get relaxation and they thought that the patio is great for melt their stress. The dining sets to the patio are available in various designs and pattern that can match your patio decorations

There are many people utilizing the patio area to enjoy with friends and family, where they can have their lunch, breakfast, and dinner. In so many times serving dish are used for having or eating, together with presented patio furniture. On the other hand, in these days almost all people want to get the extra space and purchase the great dining sets for the patio areas that are available on the market. By selecting some better patio furniture, then you will be able to décor your outdoor area or patio living area separately from the rest of your home. The dining set to your patio will provide more look or complement your yard.

Patio dining sets for your patio area give additional look and that will become a great gathering place to enjoy the meal with your friends and family. These sets help to have your meal with good conversation in between nature or plantation. Therefore, if you people are having a patio area and want to add some special appeal or fresh look to your patio, then use the patio furniture like dining sets, sofa, patio tables etc. another important thing is adding new dining set to your patio area enables you and your family, friends to have meal with open air facility.  Therefore, choose good dining sets among the various designs and style, while go for selecting the dining set to your patio always aware of the color and the style of your patio. Another important thing is to choose good material that will match your patio or deck.

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Plastic garden edging – Better fit to your lawn edging Mon, 12 Jun 2017 00:19:03 +0000 The Plastic garden edging provides your scenery with the finished and professional look. In these days there are many types of garden edgings are available with many options and you people may be confused with a selection of good garden edging. Therefore, it’s better to have plastic edging for your garden to make your garden so beautiful. Their high resistance power gives long life edging facility to your garden with finished touch. The plastic edging is better to your garden because it is very durable and it never damaged in seasonal damages compare to other material like metal, Bricks, railroad, scenery timbers, pavers, wire fencing, aluminum, and concrete.

Installation of Plastic garden edging:

The plastic garden edging is good for your garden and it is pushed to the ground and blend with the soil. The plastic edging will give a root fence but it needs more effort on your part. If you want to install the plastic edging to your garden you need to dig the trench around the space, where you want to edge. This is preferable as well as durable product than other traditional edging material. This is the edging installation method because this is virtually invisible and binds with the surface of the lawn.

Plastic garden edging- Decorative finish to your garden:

Plastic garden edging is enables you to get better decorative finish to your lawn area. They provide very professional look to the edge of the lawn surface and protect it from overflow and at. The edging gives final look and keeps the garden with beautiful décor look. They are very durable and affordable for all people and they provide high edging facility to your garden for a long period of time. The plastic edging provides a unique look and they are available in various colors. You can choose a better color that will match with your garden decoration.

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Plastic patio chairs- More durable furniture Sun, 11 Jun 2017 15:45:03 +0000 Plastic patio chairs are very comfortable as well as durable products. Planning or having patio is better and exciting. These chairs are normally used for outdoor space of the home; this will create a dining and seating area for family members as well as your guests. As you people know about the problems of traditional furniture, you cannot use those furniture for outside purpose. They may affect from sun, keeping all things in your mind and choose the patio plastic chairs after doing better research on the available patio furniture. The patios are the well quality products, so you can use these chairs for multiple purposes like, dining playing etc. this could be your preferred choice it amazing qualities. These chairs are designed and made out from the plastic material, which will give more durability available with different colors and variety of designs.

The benefits of plastic patio furniture:

Plastic patio furniture are well designed plastic products and they are great use for restaurants, farm houses, and home owners simply because the patio chairs are more durable and affordable chairs available with variety of colors and patterns.  These chairs are very light weighted products, so you can store, and move these chairs anywhere you want, patio chairs are very easy to keep clean and maintain.

  • The patio chairs are sun friendly furniture, so you can use those for outdoor purpose. They have very high resistance power and you the simple clean habit is necessary to keep this chair for long time.
  • The patio chairs are weather friendly chairs; you can use these chairs in all season. These chairs are having demand at all time.
  • These chairs are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are available in various designs and verity of pattern.
  • The patio chairs are having high resistance power and they are more durable.
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Plastic garden storage- innovative product to your garden Sun, 11 Jun 2017 15:32:03 +0000 A plastic garden storage is an innovative product that doubles as a place to sit and offer a place to store your things. The plastic storage boxes are very good and convenient products that enable you to keep it in the garden as a storage place. The plastic storage box in the garden help you to store the things in the garden area and it protects your thing from, stain, sun, and fall. This is really good for outdoor storage and it provide both seating and storage facility

Benefits of Plastic garden storage:

The Plastic garden storage provides various benefits to its users, they are as follows.

  • The best protection for your things:

The important and better thing about plastic storage is it will give the required space for storage to your open-air needs all year round. The garden storage is waterproof, which will maintain and keep your things so secure during different seasons or weather conditions. In most of the models featured with lock facility to provide extra security to your things. In this storage box, they are come up with extra floor panels to provide the better protection against the things.

  • Little and easy maintenance:

The storage Plastic boxes are built for long time durable facility that offers more quality product and maintenance. They need less maintenance compare to other material like wood, metal etc. plastic storage boxes are very durable products, and will eventually require less replacement and repairs…

  • Plastic storage boxes are very Portable and easy to assemble

The well-designed plastic handle storage boxes are very comfortable to use and handle that create them most convenient products. The handles of these boxes allow you to get a very easy move to any place wherever and whenever you wish. The very important thing about these storage boxes is very easy to assemble and more convenient for the garden areas with its storage and seating facility.

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Plantation blinds – Good window dressing Sun, 11 Jun 2017 14:53:03 +0000 Plantation blinds are so popular window dressing choices for the people, where you can get your windows well décor. This will give very pleasing ambiance to your window space without curtains or drapes. It will help to regulate the brightness and gives insulation. This supplies the fresh hair to your home and also works as a decorative wall panel. In these days the wood blinds are used decorative design rather than functional designs.

Benefits of Plantation blinds:

The plantation blinds are best for home decoration and they provide with some benefits to its user;

  • The plantation shutters are well assembling with the casement of the window.
  • The plantation shutters are available with various choices of variety woods for window dressing. They provide the perfect solution for your interior decorations.
  • Plantation shutters are best for your privacy. This will allow you to a get a complete view of the landscape around you and you can shut them whenever you want
  • Plantation shutters are adjusted with the air free flow process and keep your space so cool.
  • They may install either outside the window or inside the window.
  • One of the main advantages of these blinds are, they available with various shapes, so you can match these blinds with your shaped window. The different designs of these blinds like arched windows, diamond shaped, or circular window shape.
  • Plantation shutters need less maintenance and it is very easy to clean. The proper care is necessary to keep it clean for getting a long durable life.
  • The plantation shutters enable you to reduce the cost of energy by giving natural cooling facility to your room and reduce the heating environment in the room.
  • They are available with the both simple tier and double tier.
  • The two panels of the shutter are hinged with the right and left the frame of your window.
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Pergola ideas – For better relax Sun, 11 Jun 2017 14:45:03 +0000 Pergola ideas are the most popular outdoor design with cross pushers and providing with the space to relax, dining and some other admired purpose. The pergolas are well designed outdoor room and they are matched with any other building. The pergola gives better look to your garden area and they are most suitable for the large garden area. They are a usually freestanding facility, which offers the amazing open air facility to you and your family.

Tips to get better Pergola ideas to your home:

The Pergola ideas are the best idea for décor your garden and it offers many facilities to its user. There are end number of designs are available in the market to décor your garden with pergola. Therefore, consider following tips to get better pergola facility;

  • If you want to get the better pergola facility to your home always be aware of the various styles and designs. So choose a better style that matches your garden area.
  • Always choose good material to match the pergola with your home style and decoration. The pergola is made out from different fabrics such as wood, metal/iron, bricks pillar, stone pillar, rustic poles, bamboos and metal posts.
  • At the time of selecting a good pergola fabric, choose better pergola which will match to your taste and preference.
  • Then consider the size of your garden to select well-fitted pergola.
  • Try to get a better idea of pergola through various sources like internet, magazines, and gardening books.

Benefits of Pergola ideas:

Pergola ideas provide more benefit to its user they are as follows;

  • This will help you to get better free space facility in the garden area.
  • This allows you to enjoy with your family and friends by spending your valuable time.
  • The pergola is fitted in the garden area that allows you get relax with your loved ones or alone.
  • The open space facility helps you to get enjoy the nature with relaxed mood.
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Know all about patio tiles Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:53:03 +0000 Patio tiles are best and most preferable tiles product, where you can get durable service. These tiles are less expensive and most affordable products.

Features of Patio tiles:

  • The Patio tiles are perfect for showers, patios, pool areas, decks, and also used in athletic courts like tennis or basketball.
  • The modular 1×1 (one * one) foot patios are available in various pattern and color options. This feature is most suited for the surface that allows for water drainage and maximum airflow.
  • These tiles are better and excellent for damp areas such as hot tubs, pools, showers.
  • The tiles are really good for the surface, they moderate on the feet and they have slip resistance power compare to other well designed tiles.
  • They are very light weighted products and the installation process is also very easy. The installation a can easily consummate by single person also.
  • Normally the tiles are having a feature of one year guarantee and warranty the shipping also very easy process and easy for relocation or restore.

Benefits of Patio tiles:

  • Simple to Maintain – These tiles are very easy to maintain compare to others. The only necessities are they may properly check out for every four years to know the resistance power.
  • Affordable – Even when ignoring the low maintenance costs, the yard tiles are more cost- effective tiles, where you can get better tiles facility to your garden.
  • Easy to Mend – The strong, tiles are quite unbeatable. Luckily, replacement process also very simple task than with concrete, wood, or some other composite stone. Damaged tiles can easily remove and restored.
  • Design Potential – These tiles are limited by imagination. You can customize texture and color to any backyard design you want. The color selection of tiles will complement the patio furniture and flowers. The complementary shades to emphasize certain attributes of tiles will help to have various design possibilities.
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Patio sofa – Better quality and comfort to your garden Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:32:03 +0000 Patio sofa is the most popular in patio furniture and they are very important to decorate your patios with different well-designed sofa. There are many varieties of sofas are available in the market, where you can select from. You have many options while purchasing the sofa for your patios such as metal sofa, wood sofa and wicker. These sofas are preferable for the people who want to melt out their stress. This will give royal look to your garden area and create very nice place to get better relax.

Know how To Choose Better Patio Sofa:

In these days there are so many changes are taking place in the lifestyle of the people and everyone wishes to get enter into the contemporary world. Therefore, these changes are also applicable to your home decoration also. Most of the people are changing their traditional interior to modern styles. In these changes, the Patio sofa is also come up with latest styles, where you can decor your garden area by a beautiful sofa and other furniture. While go for choosing these sofas always be aware of the requirement and the space of your patio to get the perfect fit. These sofas are available with various designs and pattern, so choose very good one that will match your entire interior decoration. Another thing that you have to concentrate while go for buying sofa is the cost because this sofa is normally fit outside the home that may damage in few years by so many reasons. Therefore, try to buy this at low cost.

Features of reclining sofa:

The special features of Patio sofa are as follows;

  • They are best quality sofa, which is designed for garden area,
  • These sofas have durable hardware frame part.
  • The variety of style and designs facilitates for better comfort.
  • Space saver and elegant look operation.
  • Joints with high- strength quality.
  • They are made out of various fabric like metal, aluminum, wood etc
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Go for the patio privacy screen Sun, 11 Jun 2017 12:45:03 +0000 During the summer season, many people enjoy being the outdoors and a privacy screen for the outdoors is a great way to improve the patio as well as beautify your pool area, which offers you some comfort and privacy. Before purchasing the patio privacy screens you should know how to install them. There are many ways in which one can buy ready-made screens or anyone can build their own outdoor screens. Patio privacy screen can be outdoors and indoors that are used on the terrace or patio or in the garden, in order to give privacy to their homes. By providing the patio privacy screens also redecorate the garden and home. Outdoor privacy screens are made either by living materials or non-living materials. Non-living outdoor patio privacy screens include solid fencing or screen, screening segments are separated, fretwork and grille. Fences are preferred as they last longer, cover far large areas and far more durable. The grills and fretwork don’t have any complete privacy screens as they have the gap between the boards. These types of privacy screens are used by many people to evergreen along the edges and plant blooming creepers.

Outdoor patio privacy screen:

Outdoor privacy screens are not only used for the functions of privacy screens but they also used to develop the specific features in the garden. And they also used around water features and flower beds. These outdoor privacy screens are far preferred to building brick walls as they can be moved and removed easily. The outdoor patio privacy screen is pretty and there are different types available on the market which are portable and can be folded. Living outdoor patio privacy screens are the one when the people use materials of plants as different to fencing such as trees, bamboo, hedgerow, the variety of grasses and bushes where all the materials provide the privacy to the outdoor area.

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